Special: Get 25% OFF with BitCoin Payments.

We are offering 25% OFF if you pay by BitCoin or other digital currencies. This is the future of payments for this kind of business: fast, low cost, secure, anonymous. If you don't know anything about BitCoin, no worries. We have a gentle and painless introductory post for BitCoin beginners here:


Once you have completed those steps, congratulations! You are ready to send and receive BitCoin and other digital currencies. Then just place your order normally and use COUPON CODE:


for 25% discount on your order total. Combine this with your 10% referral discount and 7% affiliate discount and these are real savings.

To enter the coupon code, you need to "View Cart" (do not go to "Checkout", no place to enter the code there). Go to "View Cart" and you will see the option near the bottom to enter your coupon code..

As BitCoin transfers are anonymous, we won't know who sent us funds, so after you send your BitCoin, please send us the transaction ID and we will ship your order asap.