Help Videos

We have created some short help videos to assist you to use our site productively. From basic customer registration, to getting discounts, to making real money in our affiliate program, there is a video here to help you.

Video 1: How to Register on our Site.

This video explains how a new user can register their customer account on our site.

Video 2: How to Get a Lifetime 10% Discount.

This video explains how to enter a referral code to get a 10% discount on all future orders.

Video 3: How to Place An Order.

In this video we explain how to place an order on our site.

Video 4: How to Track Your Shipment.

** UPDATE 2016 ** This video is no long applicable since we completely changed our shipping strategy and US Postal Service no longer supports us.

This video is a little old (2012) and the first half discusses Amazon (which doesn't really apply anymore). But the second half shows the tracking process using the Thai and USPS tracking sites.

** Update Dec 2016 ** Cambodia tracking has changed again and no longer works reliably. SOME better results are available if you click on the THIRD link.

Postal Tracking Links:

USPS Tracking Site:!input.action

Thai Tracking Site: (No longer applicable)
Cambodia Tracking Site:

Tracking SMS Manager: (Sorry no longer supported by USPS)

Video 4a: How to Receive Tracking Update SMS's on Your Cellphone.

** UPDATE 2016 ** This feature no longer works since USPS does not support our tracking numbers

This video explains how a to use our Tracking Update SMS service to receive an SMS on your cellphone whenever the tracking status of your parcel on USPS changes. This is a FREE service, but of course you should be aware that your telecommunications carrier may charge data usage fees (including additional charges when roaming) to receive TEXT messages. Please contact your wireless carrier for complete pricing details.

Video 5: What To Do If There is a Problem.

Problems with your order are quite rare, but they can, and do happen, particularly with things that are not within our control, such as USPS. Not to worry, we are here to help. This video explains what to do in case there is a problem with your order.


ZWebMedia Customer Support Desk:
Customer Support Desk Knowledge Base:
Customer Support Email:

Video 6: How our "ZWebMedia Affiliate Program" (ZAP) works.

In this training video, we explain all about the advantages of our ZWebMedia affiliate program. You don't need to sell anything, and you can receive a total of 17% discount on your own purchases just by joining with one click. Then for those more motivated, in the second half of the video, we explain, step by step and using a real life example, how our program works with multiple customers and sub-affiliates.

Video 7: How to Register as an Affiliate.

In this video we explain how to upgrade your customer account to an affiliate account. Anyone can receive up to a total of 17% discount just for joining, and you don't need to sell anything at all.

Video 8: How to use your Affiliate Account.

In this video we explain how to use your Affilaite Account. We go through some of the functionality in your account.

Video 9: How to Get Our Products For Free.

In this video, we explain how you can get our products for free by converting your Affilaite commisions to store credits, and even getting a 10% BONUS, which can then be used to pay for product purchases. And no PayPal account needed.

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